Trip to Taipei Story House and Discovery Center of Taipei

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Nonmember 12th was an unforgettable day. We went to Taipei Story House and Discovery Centre of Taipei in the afternoon. I felt really excited because it’s my first field trip this semester. Even though it was raining in the morning but I still believed that the sun will show up at noon. Actually it did!

We assembled at around half pass twelve. Everyone was happy to have a half day trip. We took bus to get to our first stop which was the Taipei Story House. I haven’t been there before so I really looked forward to know more about it. On the bus I met a retire soldier. He is already 83 years old but he looked really young. He told me that he used to live in China but because of the war between the Nationalist Party (Kuomintang) and the Communist Party, he followed our government to retreat to Taiwan in 1949. After talking with him I knew a personal story happened in Taipei. I consider it to be the best way to start my field trip.

Finally we arrived at the Taipei Story House. The appearance of the building really attracted my eye. The narrator said that it was built by a rich businessman in the Qing dynasty. It was built in an English style and it was really special in Taipei even in Taiwan. The narrator also told us that the garden of the villa was bigger than what we saw today at that time because the owner’s sister was interested in horse riding. Unfortunately the rich businessman died just a few years after the villa was finished. After he passed away many people took over his villa. The Japanese even used the house as the command post in the Second World War. Few years ago, a woman bought it and established Taipei Story House. Every year there were different exhibitions showed in this villa. Today we were going to see the exhibition called Old Trees in Taipei. To be honest, I wasn’t so excited when I knew the name of the show. The narrator opened the front the front door for us and we got in the house one by one. We all smelled a special fragrance came from the old wood-made house and it really feasted our nose. The decoration was nice and creative. They put three kinds of leaves on the wall to make it looked green and comfortable. As we moved into the main part of the exhibition, I saw many pictures of the trees. Those photos really let me felt that I’m just beside the real one. The most special thing of the photo was that you can saw different pictures by standing in different position. After that the narrator told us about the animals living with tress in Taipei. It was quite nice to know more about the creatures on the tree. He also taught us how to recognize the honeycomb and the formicary. I really learned a lot. I saw drawings on the wall while we moved into the next room. The drawings were truly a masterpiece. I couldn’t move my eye from looking at the drawings. After an hours visiting we moved to our next stop Discovery Center of Taipei. Before getting on the MRT teacher treated us a nice afternoon snack we all enjoy our food.

It cost us 30 minutes to get to Discovery Center of Taipei by MRT. Actually it was in Taipei City Hall. I’ve been here once when I’m in junior high school but I couldn’t came up with things I saw that time because I’m not really paying attention . It was another chance for me to discover the history and stories of Taipei city and this time I won’t missed it. We started from forth floor which was talking about the history of Taipei. I saw stones beside the corridor. The stone was used to build Xiamen. The gate was built in Qing dynasty. It was one of the four main gates around Taipei. Japanese destroyed it because they were afraid that Taiwan people would use it as the castle to fight back. I walked around the floor to find more interesting thing. I the middle of that floor was a model of Taipei city. You could stand on the tempered glass to have a bird eye view of Taipei. There were also many historic exhibitions on the third floor that really attracted me. We moved to the third floor which was mainly talking about the modern Taipei city. I saw the model of Taipei101 and I took a picture of it. I sat in front of a big screen to see watch was going to show on it. The show was talking about Chong Hua Road. In this video it told us about the development of this road. I felt really interesting while watching the video. After the video I saw a doll panda sitting beside the old music section. I loved it so much that I took a photo with it. We stayed in the Discovery Center of Taipei for almost two hours. That really gave me enough time to see all exhibitions I like. I had wonderful time learning in the Discovery Center of Taipei that day.

Our happy field trip came to the end. I felt substantial after today’s traveling. I hoped that we could have more chances to go to some nice museums. Learning outside of the school was full of fun and unforgettable to me.



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A、 10 November: Whole Day and Other
Thread Pygmalion
Country Azerbaijan Photos
Name Baku
We had English language week and different classes prepared a lot of activities to do. This day was special for me. For the 1st time I acted in drama and it was a success! I performed Eliza Doolittle in Bernard Show’s play “Pygmalion” which was a rather difficult role! The assembly hall was full of students and guests, some of whom were native speakers. First, I didn’t want to play the role as it seemed very difficult for me but the more we practiced the more I liked acting. My teachers says I am born to be an actor

Shafiga Pashayeva
School after academician Zarifa Aliyeva
Baku, Azerbaijan

Your response
Hello Baku, I Gary from Taipei Taiwan. I’m a high school student and I have a lot of experiences in acting. Acting is really fun that I learn how to be somebody else. It seems that you had a wouderful drama experience. Congratulations for doing so well on your first performers.

After Dinner, in the Evening
Thread: My sister’s birthday
Country Oman Photos
Name Lamees
my name is Lamees. i am in grade 11.
When I returned to my house, I didn’t find any body, only my brother was in the house. In this day my sister has her birthday. I decided to make surprise for her. I call my friends to help me in make cake and clean the house. After the birthday finishes, I pray and in 10:00, I went to sleep.
this is the picture of my sister.
Lamees Naser
Ruqayah school


Your response
Hello Lamees, I’m Gary from Taiwan (.O.C). You are really a nice sister. I also have a younger brother.He is a nice brother I always have fun talking and playing with him, I’m glad to have a brother but I wish I had a sister like you.

My Childhood Memory

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When I was young I used to live in Keelung. I still remember that I had to come to Taipei every day because my parents were working in the downtown and my kindergarten was also there. I spent much time traveling from Taipei to Keelung so things during the way home became an aspect of my childhood memory.

I love cars really much, I think it’s because my life was full of cars when I was a child. Mom told me that I always asked my father which car was that when I saw new vehicles. When times goes by, I started to recognize many different kinds of brands such as Benz、BMW、Jaguar and Toyota.

My parents bought many cars for me as presents. They knew that I had a great interest in car. Building my own freeway was the game I liked to play most. I was really good at it. Nothing was missing on my highways. Actually it’s just like a real freeway but smaller. I put all my vehicles on it pretending there was a traffic jam. After all the component were on there position I would call my parents to see my master piece. Mom took pictures for me most of the time so my works could keep forever. Even today while I am looking at the photo, all my memories would come out immediately that brings me back to my happy childhood.

Every one had there own childhood memory. I consider mine to be the best memory all over the work. I cherish memories I have had and looking forward to things that is going to happened tomorrow. I feel thankful for my mom and dad because they made my childhood meaningful and most of all wonderful.

An Unforgettable Day in My Life

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THE ME PROJECT Topic 8: Lesson Plan
An Unforgettable Day in My Life /A Childhood Memory / Day in the Life Photo Diary

Task I: Story #1: A Day with Dad

A Day with Dad
Becky Brown’s parents are divorced. Becky spends every other weekend with her father, Mike. One Saturday, Becky and Mike decide to go to a beach, and there they get a surprise. Their former neighbors, the Simpsons, are unpacking the next car. What a coincidence! Everyone waves hello and decides to spend the day together. Mr. Simpson finds a spot for them on the crowded beach. During the day some people in the crowd sunbathe to get a tan. Other people swim and play in the water. Still others listen to the radio pr pick up shells. Becky covers Mike with sand. The Simpson’s son, Jimmy, builds a sand castle. Mrs. Simpson gets sunburn. When everyone gets hungry, Mike puts on s chef’s hat and cooks hot dogs and hamburgers. Kites and birds fly over the picnic. The families eat and eat. Finally everyone cleans up, packs the cars, and says goodbye. Becky hugs Mike and falls asleep on the way home.
Activity A Adding details to the paragraph
Activity B Becky is an adult now. She remembers a favorite trip to the beach when she was a child. Write her story. Here are the first two sentences:
My parents are divorced. When I was a child, I spent every other weekend with my father, Mike. One Saturday, we decided to go to a beach. It was a beautiful sunny day. Clouds were as white as snow. I was really a long distance from my dad’s apartment to the beach. I slept on my dad’s car for almost two hours. While we arrived at the beach we saw our former neighbors, the Simpsons, unpacking the next car. His car was a brand new Jaguar that really cost a lot of money. It has been a long time since we met last time. My father said that he wasn’t so rich before, he was also curious about what had happened after we moved out from that community. We decided spent the rest of our day with them. The beach was full of people. It cost us a lot of time to find a space for picnic. Finally Mr. Simpson found a spot for us. After putting down my bags. I looked around the beach to found out what was fun to do first. I saw ships on the sea, some of them were fishing boats and others were ships for visitors to travel around this area. I also saw kite flowing in the sky. During the day some people in the crowd sunbathe to get a tan. Other people swam and played in the cool water. Still others listened to the radio and picked up some special shells. My dad and I also had a great time. I still remember I covered my dad with hot sand and he really enjoyed the time playing with me. The Simpson’s son, Jimmy, built a huge sand castle with some solders standing in front the castle. He told me that it’s the castle for him and he is going to build a real one in the future. Mrs. Simpson got sunburn because of the hot weather. After a while playing we felt really hungry. My dad put on his chef’s hat and cooked hot dogs and hamburgers. Everyone enjoyed their meal. I think my dad made the best hot dog in the world. He said that he owned a hot dog restaurant before he got married with mom. After the meal we started to pack up. It took a long time to clean up the trash we made. We said goodbye to the Simpsons, we all looked forward to meet next time. I hugged my dad and fell asleep on the way home. It’s truly an unforgettable day in my life.

How my parents met

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       The story happened 20 years ago. At that time my mom was a young and tall lady who worked in an advertising company. Before she met my dad, a lot of people  had proposed to her but my mom refused all of them. My dad was working for another advertising company at that time. He was also young and handsome. He didn’t have any girl friend before he met my mom because he worked most of his time.

      My mom and dad first met in their friend’s wedding. But they actually didn’t talk too much with each other. After few monthes later my dad transfered to the same company with my mom. They started to had conversation and got more familiar day by day. My mom thought that my dad is a hard working  and honest person, and my dad also thought my mom was the right woman to married with.

      They got married in 1990 and their marrige is full of love and happiness .

My Life Map

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Life Map_Gary
This is my life map

My Family Tree

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Family Tree_Gary

This is my family tree

My digital image

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image_of_me new


This is my digital image.

My Autobiography

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All About An Unusual Child
This is a story about a child who was born on March 11th 1993. He lives in Taipei Taiwan. His father and mother always care about him and give him a hand when he needs help. To be born in this family, he is the luckiest guy in this world.

Who is he? Who can be the luckiest guy? Gary Huang is his name. He is a kind but introvert person, he always tries he best to be extroversion in front of people though he failed most of the times. Helping people is one of the things he usually does, both his teachers and friends think he is a great helper. Learning at school won’t make him feel boring because it is the place where he finds life more interesting. He is a lover of cars, so he collects many kinds of model cars. Appreciating his collection makes him feel happy.

I have once asked him what live means to him. He said that it’s the best gift from god. Living in this beautiful world, he can meet many different kinds of people and become friends with them. He also told me that he wants to be a person who has self-confident but not self-important, common but not mediocre.

This is a story about an unusual child and the story will keep going on until the day his lives end.

My biopoem

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Name:Gary Huang

I’m tall, strong, short-haired

I’m funny, positive, creative ,kind

Student of Li Shan senior high school

Lover of cars

Who feels happy, joyful

Who likes music and movies

Who fears ghosts and spiders

Who gives lots fun and help

Who wants to be a ad-man

And whose greatest dream now is to be back to my childhood

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